Everyone Second Guessing the Browns Has Got My Undies in a Bunch




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Now maybe I’m a sucker just playing into NFL generated hype, but all this talk about how the Browns screwed the pooch on the Josh Gordon suspension is fucking nonsense. I like the Cleveland Browns. After years of mediocrity, they are on their way to putting together a respectable team. They have a young defense with a lot of great players and if they can ever win the QB draft lottery and pick themselves a winner (looking at you Manziel) they could be a playoff contender.
With the confirmation of the full season suspension of Gordon, Judy Batista of NFL.com can’t fathom why the Browns didn’t plan for this: “…your questions now should be directed …at a franchise brain trust that often seemed to approach much of the Gordon episode with a wing-and-a-prayer belief that somehow it would all work out if everyone just wished hard enough”

Yes. I forgot that between drafting the premiere cornerback in the draft, a hot quarterback prospect an interior offensive lineman and a middle linebacker, they should have also been planning on losing Gordon. Josh Gordon was the best NFL wide receiver last year. He was absolutely unstoppable. But yes Judy the Browns should have obviously found a way to replace the best wide receiver in the NFL. You’re totally right. Waste those high draft picks on the Reggie¬†Williams and Ted Ginn Jrs. Thats definitely the best course of action. I mean the Browns have a great franchise QB and a lockdown defense already they really just needed to find another best NFL receiver and they would have been Super Bowl contenders. How much do NFL.com writers get paid? I’d like to informally throw my hat in the ring as an NFL writer. You can pay me in tickets. Just saying.