Before We’re “On to Philly” Let me Vent a Little

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As much as I’m trying to move on to Philadelphia, I can’t scrub the abortion of a game I watched last night from my brain. Perhaps my rage fueled venting will help me move on from this nonsense.

First turn your attention to the videos I posted above. One is the offensive PI call on Gronk. The other is the defensive PI call on Chung. Both coming in crucial situations and both absolutely rail roading the Patriots. I just don’t understand how you make one of those calls one way and make the other call the opposite. Either they’re both offensive PIs or they’re both defensive PIs.

I wish these were the only blown calls in the game but the Football Gods were not merciful. A holding call on Tre Jackson eliminated a 50 yard pass to Keyshawn Martin. The clock debauchery regarding the excessive timeout. Too many games, not just Pats games, are getting ruined by the refs. It needs to be fixed because its ruining the game.

As far as actual gameplay goes, I thought the Pats did as well as they could have given the situation. They were making plays when they needed to be made. The Broncos style of defense left Gronk with a lot of mismatches, which he was able to take advantage of. Bolden continues to impress in the passing game with a lot of great catches. Brandon LaFell seems to still be struggling with the dropsies which seems to be contagious Scott Chandler continues to perform like a man with vaseline all over his hands.

The defense looked great until Dont’a Hightower went down. This is a defense that has been battered with injuries including Jamie Collins. Patrick Chung is the unsung hero of the defense. I don’t read a lot of hype bullcrap but I’m going to doubt he’s getting the attention he deserves. He has been playing a lot of man coverage and has done a phenomenal job these past few weeks. Malcolm Butler continues to show he is a true #1 CB and can play with the big boys. With the weather conditions the way they were, we knew it was going to be a grind it out kind of game, unfortunately for us things just didn’t fall our way.

The biggest news I saw yesterday, as I stared at the TV in a depressed catatonic state, was that Brock Osweiler is apparently the second coming of Manning and is just a fucking football god. Let me nip that bullshit right in the butt. People are talking about how Belichick normally disguises his coverages and how Brock must just be some type of savant. This is not the case. It was man coverage almost exclusively and the clutch throws Brock made were on streaks up the field with man coverage. He didn’t have to do anything hard. You play that game any other day and he has at least one more interception and 100 less pass yards.

Lastly, I’d like to congratulate Chris Collinsworth for having the strength and courage to be so forward about his relationship with Brock Osweiler. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard a broadcaster do a game live with someone else’s dick in their mouth for the whole game. At times it was hard to understand Collinsworth, but his love for Brock Osweiler would not be denied.

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