Cam Newton is What’s Right with Football

Cam Polarizing.png

Cam Newton is why we watch football. Cam Newton is one of the few shreds of light in an otherwise shackled game. The fact that people are blasting Newton for dancing in the endzone and for being a sour puss after losing the biggest game of his life is absurd. We shove cameras in people’s faces in the most emotional moments of their lives to live vicariously through them. To see the passion with which they play the game, to see how much this means to them. As fans of this game, we would hope that those playing the game care far more than we do about the outcome.

There are videos every year of losing fans smashing TVs and creating mayhem. Cam Newton gives one word answers and walks out on a interview because he can here his opponents bathing in his tears and suddenly its like all the kids in the world who saw this are growing up to be murderers now. No kid is ever going to have to give an interview about how they got their dick’s kicked in and their dreams smashed. All good sportsmanship entails is shaking your opponents hand and telling them good job, which is what Newton did after the game. Everything after that is fluff and nonsense.

I love the way Cam Newton plays and I love the way he handled that loss. I’m sure Broncos fans everywhere are using his dejected post game interview in place of viagra at this very moment. It is great to have your team win and even better to see someone as in your face as Cam Newton be diminished to a pouting school child. Every time I see Richard Sherman’s horrified look as he realizes Malcolm Butler sealed the game for the Patriots, I cream myself. That will probably happen for the rest of my life. It was all the sweeter seeing him crestfallen¬†as he¬†had minutes ago mocked Darrelle Revis for giving up a TD to Doug Baldwin.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. The NFL may be a business but football is still a competition and a game. All year Cam said “if you don’t want me to dance keep me out of the end zone” and he kept his promise.