The Patriots Made Dog Food Out of the Colts

Dog food

The Patriots took the Colts, a top ranked offense, a supposed Super Bowl contender, put them through a killing machine and turned them into high grade dog food. Save for one drive sustained by a two catch, 67 yard effort from Coby Fleener, the Colts offense was taken to task by the new and improved Patriots defense. Browner, Revis, Arrington and McCourty dominated coverage all night long. It was just a few seasons ago I pined for a pass rush that could aid an ailing secondary. Now the tables have turned and the secondary is helping to make the D-line look great. Coverage sacks, forcing Luck to scramble for minimal yardage and two huge fourth down stops. If the Patriots defense continues to play this way there is absolutely no stopping them.

The Patriots offense, led by Jonas Gray and the O-line, pressed the Colts defense through a fine mesh screen. Jonas Gray got all the attention and he deserved a good deal of it. He had an essence of beast mode in him and looked difficult to take down. The much maligned Patriots offensive line, however, should get a good deal of credit. Gray had 199 yards with a long rush of 20 yards. The Pats offense just ground the Colts into a pulp. It seemed almost every rush there was a huge hole for 230 lbs of man to power through.

If Gronkowski stays healthy, there is a 0% chance the Patriots lose again this season. He is a fucking MAN. There is literally no one in the NFL who can cover him. No one. He is the most dominant player I have ever seen, bar none. I can’t get enough of his sleeve armor. I’m waiting for him to club someone into another universe with it and scream “GRONK SMASH!”

I wish Andrew Luck could have been a real heir to the Manning throne. Every Brady/Manning Pats/Colts meeting was the game of the season. Unfortunately, Luck continues to be throttled by the Bradychick teams, year in and year out. At this point, Luck must have nightmares of Belichick just grimacing in his face as he throws pick after pick.

We’re on to Detroit.