How to Fix the NFL Ref/Penalties Problem in 2 Easy Steps

NFL REfs.jpeg

It seems like every week the NFL is embroiled in a refereeing controversy. My interwebs have been blown up with articles about making the NFL refs full time and how to end the madness. I have a simple 2 step solution that is so easy even the pea-brained Roger Goodell could get behind hit.

  1. Give both teams an extra challenge specific only for penalties. We have pylon cams. We have flying cams. We have more cameras and angles than we honestly know what do with yet we penalties can’t be challenged? Look at notorious NFL scumbag Vontaze Burfict flop his way to 15 yards being an insufferable piece of shit. Surely, an NFL coach should be able to challenge the personal foul enforced on Steve Smith. The game has already slowed down because nearly every game-changing play from scores to turnovers is reviewed, so spare me the pace of the game argument. The ticky tacky PI and holding calls have already made watching many NFL games intolerable. If the coach challenges a penalty and the ruling is overturned in their favor they should also be given another penalty, similar to the third coaches challenge given if the coach is correct in his first two challenges.
  2. Make all plays AND penalties reviewable by the booth after the two-minute warning. I feel like this is a no-brainer. Again, all the controversial plays are reviewed anyway because people are terrified a ref might make a bad call, yet we don’t hold penalties to the same scrutiny? It makes no sense. Especially, in controversial non-calls towards the end of games. There are plenty of nitpicky calls that get made when the game isn’t on the line and as soon as it’s the final plays of the game every ref seems to have their flag soaked in glue in their pockets, scared to throw it. With a review from the booth to fall back on, I think refs would be more willing to call the game the same way from start to finish without worrying they might get blasted for costing a team the game on a bad penalty.

There you have it. I’d love it there was actual meaningful discussion about games, teams, players and situational football rather than wasting at least half of any sports show blathering on about a bad call here or there.


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