Will the Patriots Reign of Terror Stop? ……no.

Belichick on lion

This early bye week has given me some time to reflect on the Patriots current situation and the stupidity of the pundits once again. First of all, anyone who thought the Colts were going to be top dog in the AFC is a moron and you should now wear an “i’m with stupid” t-shirt, with the arrow pointing directly at your dumb face for the rest of the NFL season. Chuck Pagano is a lovable oaf. That’s it. He is a terrible NFL coach. How do you have two games against the same team where your opponent goes in with the EXACT same game plan and get absolutely steam rolled twice. Does Chuck know what halftime adjustments are? Plays? Formations? Does he just go in at halftime and tell everyone to play with more heart? Honestly. I want to know how a man who’s only job is to change his team’s scheme went to play the same opponent twice without changing anything.

Second of all, after watching the Broncos squeak out a win against the Vikings, we all know they aren’t winning shit in the AFC. They should probably get some sort of AFC playoff participant banner ready to go. Yes, their defense is quite good. Their pass rush has been phenomenal and I think a lot of credit has to go to Wade Phillips and the way he’s using his players. Problem is, Peyton Manning’s arm is dead. They had a small closed casket wake attended by Peyton’s good arm and his enormous head. The fall of Manning’s QB abilities is staggering. I think it highlights how good he is at pre-play adjustments and reading defense because he couldn’t even have a paper route at this point. They’re remaking the game duck hunt but its just Peyton lobbing soft balls near a pond. Beagles everywhere just rushing to their tv screens hoping to go fetch what he’s throwing.

I’m not going to address the Bengals/The Red Rifle, because we all know they will get themselves knocked out of the playoffs first round, if they don’t implode before hand.

So the real question becomes, will the Patriots go 19-0? The answer is almost assuredly yes. People have been fairly shocked by the effectiveness of the Patriots offense and the resurgence of Tom Brady. I think they also forget this is Tom Brady’s first offseason in god knows how long where we didn’t lose every offensive starter minus Gronk. There is no “Brady needs to get on the same page as X.” Brady is on the same page with everyone and this is what it looks like. More offensive production than 2007.

Dion Lewis is an animal and cannot be contained. He has been Shane Vereen 2.0. Unreal lateral quickness. Finishes runs like a back who weighs 230. Hands like a receiver. Belichick has probability had a versatility related boner since the day we signed him. Everything else about this offense is the same as last year. Gronk is the best mismatch in the NFL bar none. Edelman and Amendola get the job done. Probably the second biggest surprise has been the offensive line. I’ve seen articles floating about the internet referencing Belichick’s genius once again. All I know is, the Patriots have been shuffling offensive lineman like a Vegas poker dealer with amazing results.

Defensively, the patriots have been a lot better than anyone thought. Malcolm Butler had his first test against a real receiver in Antonio Brown and proved he can play with the big dogs. Since then he’s been our consistent number 1 CB. Devin Mccourty got his first pick last week against the pop warner team known as the Jaguars. The gem of our defense has been the pass rush. Chandler Jones has been exceptional using his length to man handle offensive linemen and get to opposing QBs. The defensively line hasn’t done a great job against the run but in this day and age if you want to win football games you gotta pass the ball.

Captain Salami’s Bold Prediction: Pats beat the Packers in Superbowl L 31-28 ending a perfect season. Count it.


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