…And We’re Talking About SpyGate Again……


Time is a flat circle folks. We’re actually talking about SpyGate again. Someone bludgeon me until I can’t tell right from Goodell. The absolute worst part about this is the people who were just talking about how the Patriots obviously cheated in DeflateGate; the same people who took out of context texts and believed them as good as video evidence of Brady jamming needles into balls; somehow feel validated by all of this.

The ESPN article (which I will not link here because fuck them) states in its opening paragraph that DeflateGate was a make up call for SpyGate. Yet, apparently the people who believed DeflateGate suddenly don’t remember how incriminating the “Deflater” texts were. How sure they were that the Patriots deflated balls and Tom Brady was the orchestrator of a secret, criminal deflation scheme.

Do you idiots not remember this? So what now? You knew that DeflateGate was just an apology for SpyGate the whole time? All you geniuses, are trolls who can predict the future and clung to DeflateGate like life preserver? Either DeflateGate was real or what all Patriots fans have been saying was true and the rest of you can eat a fat dick. Which is it? I need to know.

Moving on from the fact that DeflateGate has now been admitted to be a witch hunt, I want one name. One real name from one real former Patriots coach who is allegedly dishing out all these dirty secrets. The only name cited in the entire ESPN article is a one Matt Walsh, the original SpyGate guy who has more credibility issues than Ray Lewis and his missing white suit. There is not one shred of evidence to any of these allegations.

Are you dinguses noticing a pattern yet? There was no evidence for DeflateGate and no evidence in the SpyGate article that the Patriots have ever done anything wrong, except win. The most winningest franchise since the start of free agency in fact. Probably the most winningest franchise in history by the time Brady and Belichick finally hang it up and get their busts in Canton.

What’s that I hear? A bunch of sour fans of loser NFL franchises screaming that the Patriots clearly are doing some sketchy things because of all the accusations (read the latest SI article to pile on to this click bait). Well lets do a thought experiment here shall we? Lets say you’re right. Belichick is the most evil mastermind to ever live and has been bugging, stealing and slightly cheating in every way imaginable. This is what you people believe, right? With all the security measures and precautions team take how has there never been one shred of evidence found that the Patriots are doing anything illegal. Not one.

“You could say the rest of the NFL is paranoid, and you might be right. What’s not debatable is that New England, because of that lack of trust, is inside opponents’ heads, forcing other teams to devote time, brainpower and resources to protecting themselves.”

Sorry we have so much headspace in the rest of the NFL that it negatively impacts their play. That’s their fault not ours. Be better maybe? Actually win something? Or just spread lies and cry about illegal formations.

I’ll just leave this here and call it at that:



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