The Bills are the AFC East’s “Factory of Sadness”

Sad bIlls fan

Seriously, the poor, poor Buffalo Bills fans. Those winters coupled with the fact that they are continually “on the cusp” of being some sort of “contender” is enough to make you jump off a roof. I think its almost worse than just being plain shitty like the Raiders or the Browns. The bar is so low there’s very little room for disappointment. Every offseason, the Bills are poised to somehow beat out the Pats for the AFC east title. Every season, they utterly disappoint.

This trade is the dumbest trade I have seen in quite some time. It makes zero sense. Zero. LeSean McCoy is a very similar back to both CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson. Sure, you can argue McCoy is on another level than them. He was the NFL rushing leader (running behind one of the most athletic and skilled O-lines and having D-Jax as a deep threat might have helped, who can say), he’s certainly elusive and has carried a much heavier workload with less injury than Spiller or Jackson. At the end of the day though, defense is going to win you games. Marshawn Lynch was on the Bills. He had multiple 1,000+ rush yard season. The Bills didn’t win dick. He’s winning now because he’s playing behind the best defense in the NFL and you can afford to run the ball 80% of the time when the opposing offense can’t score points.

With Kiko Alonso, the Bills had a chance at being legitimate. A chance. Rex Ryan has always had the Patriots number and he won 4 games with that trash called the New York Jets. The Bills front seven would have been one of, if not the best front seven in the NFL. Kiko Alonso is a monster. I would have been nervous about the Bills. Now, they’re once again laughable. “Better not load the box against LeSean McCoy because that stud EJ Manuel is gonna be chucking it to Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins.” Classic Bills. I promise you Kiko Alonso is going to be a legitimate candidate for comeback player of the year and LeSean McCoy will have a 1000+ rush yard season and the Bills will go 8-8.

Poor Bills fans. Can’t catch a break.


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