Belichick on lion

Not saying I called it, but I 100% called it. Amendola and Edelman 2 TD, 14 catches and 157 yards. Gronk with a 22 yard TD. Man coverage the whole game. If not for some ridiculous catches from Chris Matthews this game would have easily been the 28-14 that I predicted. Can’t win ’em all I guess.

….Except Bill and Tom Brady. They win fucking everything. Greatests of all time. Best coach QB duo of all time. The only thing sweeter than getting that 4th Lombardi is bathing in Richard Sherman’s tears. I live for that look in his face where he realizes all his hard work and smack talk was for shit. YOU MAD BRO??!

This is my Christmas. Pats Nation gets another solid year of gloating in everyone’s faces. SUCK IT!!

Also if I ever hear Spygate come up again I’ll slap you right in your stupid face. Belichick and Brady are the realest deal. Realer than real.



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