New England Patriots Keys to Victory

bill belichick gatorade bath

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and I for one have been hard since yesterday. In a futile attempt to quell my raging football boner I’ll outline how the Patriots are going to crush the Seahawks and secure their 4th Super Bowl Victory in 13 years.

1. Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins

Jones and Collins are athletic freaks of nature. They have great length and great pass rushing ability. Collins is good in coverage as well and depending on the defensive packages Belichick goes with, he might see a decent bit of it. The reason I singled these two players out is because keeping containment and setting the edge are the two most important aspects of defense that the front seven have to worry about against the Seahawks. The Patriots can’t afford to let Russell Wilson run all over them, scramble out of the pocket to extend plays or give up big chunks of yards on the read option. Too many times I’ve seen Rob Ninkovich or poor Big Vince chasing a QB who they are clearly never going to catch. Collins and Jones are going to play huge roles in keeping Wilson and Lynch contained. Given the lack of decent WRs, I’m willing to bet Belichick goes all out in attempts to stopping the run.

2. Man Up

You know how the Packers shutdown the Seahawks for 3.75 quarters of NFL football? Man coverage. It’s just that simple. Spare me this nonsense about how Doub Baldwin, Jermain Kease and people who’s names I don’t even know are “good.” They are not. They are in fact bad. The Patriots have great depth at CB and I’d imagine they use it to man up and force Russell WIlson to make tough throws. He’s going to throw at least 2 INTs. Count on it.

3. Edelman and Amendola: The Tiny Twosome

The Seahawks have a large, hard hitting, secondary. It’s kind of their thing. What’s also kind of their thing is getting burned by small, quick receivers. Case in point TY Hilton. Sherm the Worm can tweet all he wants about how it was only three catches and no big plays or whatever but at the end of the day he can’t keep up with these quick receivers. Amendola is peaking at just the right time and Edelman is a damn monster. These two are going to have a boatload of catches and yards. I’m going to wager combined 15+ catches and 200 yards.

4. Gronk SMASH!

I’m interested to see how the Seahawks plan for covering the Uncoverable. They might be able to mitigate the damage that he does during a drive due to the sheer athleticism of their defense. In the redzone, however, Gronk cannot and will not be stopped. I don’t care who is covering him. Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor. You split Gronk out wide on a slant route in the redzone and he will catch it 10 out of 10 times and spike it 11 times.


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