Animal Activists Picket Liam Neeson Because He Supports Horse Drawn Carriage Rides


I think animal activists are my least favorite of all protesting groups. Even worse then Occupy people. Get a job, you bums! Protesting horse drawn-carriage rides. Just an unfathomable waste of time. There’s clearly no forethought in any of these groups ever. Do you know what’s going to happen to those horses after they get put out of a job because you got horse-drawn carriage rides banned in NYC? Do you? Did you think about that? There’s no such thing as “homeless horses” its called they get turned into dog food you ass hats. 

Peter Wood, animal rights investigator, was present at the picketing. “Horses don’t belong in traffic, surrounded by buses. They don’t belong in the city; it’s outdated, it’s cruel,” he said, adding, “Life attached to a carriage with a poop bag attached to your rear end — that’s no life.” 

Hey buddy! You know what’s also no life? Being dog food. There’s no fucking fields of the wild that these horses get released into. Those days are long fucking gone. The horses that draw carriages aren’t in high demand. They’re not going to get put out to stud. They’re just gonna become dog food and jello. So good on you buddy. Way to fight for the downtrodden.

I’m sure the horses are just down right depressed having to stroll about Central Park and beautiful areas of the city. I hear prozac use is up like 50% in horses that draw carriages in NYC. Wait just kidding thats suburban housewives. Oops. My bad. 


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