Is the UN the Biggest Joke of an Organization? Yes. Yes it is.


An armed mob somehow tricked the UN into thinking they were there for peaceful: “a mob of armed civilians, came to the base under the guise of peaceful demonstrators intending to present a petition … The armed mob forced entry on to the site and opened fire on the internally displaced persons sheltering inside the base.” So already we have record level incompetence. I can’t remember the last time someone used armed mob and peaceful to describe the same gathering of people. Maybe it’s because you generally don’t need guns to present a petition. “Well I mean they all have guns…….but they said they’re here to present a petition so I guess they must be peaceful. Some of them are wearing white so that counts right?”

But UN incompetence doesn’t stop there. Unprovoked attack on civilians, so you figure, a US grade response would be to massacre the people responsible: “Utterly defenseless children were attacked in a place where they should have felt safe.” Seems pretty black and white here. Bad people hurt innocent people. The UN’s response: “The United Nations has also reinforced security at Bor, the official said. The U.N. mission in South Sudan and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the “unprovoked attack.” On Friday, the Security Council issued a press statement expressing “outrage” at the attack and reminding that “attacks on civilians and U.N. peacekeepers may constitute a war crime.” The U.N. mission called for a full investigation into the “heinous murders.”

Oh yes. I’m sure a “full investigation” and letting people know that killing children “may constitute a war crime” will definitely ensure that justice is done. I’m sure they’ll be able to arrest and try every last one of the countless people involved in the angry mob. Given that the last mob was able to trick security into thinking they were peaceful, I’m sure the increased security will definitely help. 

It amazes me how unwilling political officials are, to come together and create task forces that can actually do common good around the world. Just saddening. Its the US or bust and we only do anything if there’s oil involved anyway, so were not the best advocates of humanity. I can’t remember the last time a UN investigation actually did anything other then ending up trending on twitter or something. So worthless. 



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