Thousands Riot at Dayton. Over 150 Arrested. Just Kidding Its not Umass. Only 28 Arrested.


Did you hear about the rioting at Dayton Ohio? It probably made national news right? I mean do you see all those kids? That’s like thousands of kids crowding the streets. THE STREETS! That poor car has been enveloped by people. How many people were tear gassed? How many riot cops did they send in? Hundreds? Must have been like at least 100 people arrested if 77 were arrested at the Umass Blarney Blowout right?

….Oh. 28 people were arrested? That’s it? But I mean it made international news right? When you google “Dayton Riots” there are like 5 links to this specific event. …Oh. Well…. I mean…Their chancellor or dean must have sent a scathing email to the student body talking about how they devalued their degree and brought shame to their University? I mean making it to the Elite 8 in March Madness shouldn’t be a legitimate reason for a riot. What’s that you say? Said scathing email has yet to turn up on the internets? Some bottles were thrown and 2 officers were assaulted but only 28 arrests? The officers simply ASKED THE STUDENTS TO MOVE TO THE SIDEWALK AND THEY DID? SHOCKER!

If this happened at Umass, the ensuing shitstorm would last for months. A lot of people said Umass students had it coming and deserved all the pepper spray to the face that they got. Well, why isn’t anyone saying that about Dayton students. They were clearly rioting. Clearly not disbursing. Clearly creating a ruckus and a commotion. The reporter mentions how many empty beer cans there were. They all should have been pepper sprayed, apparently. People should be asking why the cops didn’t use pepper spray. It was clearly a dangerous situation. Frankly, I’m shocked the cops didn’t bring out the pepper spray and start blasting. I mean, if we use Umass as a precedent, all those unarmed students should have blasted and I should be hearing everyone saying how they deserved it.

Where is everyone saying Dayton is a party school and all the students are stupid? Oh that’s right no one is saying that because the administration handled this gathering properly and didn’t send out a fucking email saying their degree was devalued. You know why? Because the Dayton Chancellor isn’t a moron. Who is an outsider to argue with the Chancellor? “Well the Chancellor said their degrees are devalued, so I’ll take his word for it. He is the Chancellor after all.”

Don’t gimme this “Well, they made it to the Elite Eight” bullshit either. People acted like Umass students involved in Blarney Blowout should have all been arrested and expelled. If rioting is that severe of an act. That damaging of an act, then you don’t turn a blind eye to it because you won a fucking basketball game. Bunch of fucking hypocrites. A lot of people commented on my last blog saying how I was a privileged little shit for expecting my Alma Mater to treat its students with a little respect, that I should grovel at the feet of the administration for even going to college in the first place. Well, where are those same people calling out Dayton students for disrespecting their school and their administration.

The only reason Blarney Blowout was a big deal was because Umass made it a big deal. That’s why I was so pissed and I’m still pissed. It is the students fault for rioting, it always is. Clearly, however, it is the school’s handling of the situation that dictates how the media and country perceives it. 2 officers were assaulted at Dayton. Bottles were thrown. It sounded very similar to Umass except it wasn’t a big fucking deal and they had half of the arrests that Umass did. A fucking porch roof collapsed and I just found that out because there is so little news coming in about this “riot”.

You want to be a BCS school Umass? You want to have deep runs into the March Madness tournament? You want to be a Michigan or a Maryland and compete with the big dogs? Fine. But don’t act like your student body acts abhorrently, or totally out of place when they start acting like the student bodies of your competition. Learn to fucking deal with it or stop being assholes and go back to being meaningless in March and having a Division 1AA football team that is even more meaningless.


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