Stupid People are Mad the Show Cosmos Doesn’t Address Creationism……


It continues to boggle my mind how ungrateful creationists are. We have freedom of religion in America. You can believe and worship anything you want. Anything. As long as your religion doesn’t break other laws, you could worship a piece of dog shit you stepped in. That’s not good enough for Creationists though. No siree. We apparently have to pretend like Creationism is a science. General relativity, dark matter, Creationism. Its all science, right?

Whatever happened to separation of church and state, huh? Why in the world would we teach Creationism in schools? Why? “Oh because it explains shit and sounds science like!” SHUT YOUR PIG MOUTH. It may do those things, but guess what? It’s based on RELIGIOUS TEXT. There boom. Now shut the fuck up about teaching it in schools and acting like its a science. It’s not. Bill Nye did a bad thing by debating this very topic because Creationists are morons. You cannot be a Creationist and be respected in the scientific world. In that dumb Bill Nye debate, they show some inventor asshole who’s also a Creationist and talk about how you can like science and be a Creationist yada yada yada. Hey, that’s great for you inventor guy but you’re still a fucking moron. 

I can’t stress it enough. If you don’t believe in evolution you are literally ignoring hundreds of years of scientific research and evidence and pointing to a book, written by people thousands of years ago and saying this is how it went down. I think infinitely less of you if you don’t believe in evolution. It’s not up for debate. No matter how hard you wave your Bible in people’s faces, you are wrong. 

I love the pseudo-logic that goes into trying to prove how evolution is wrong. Love it. You think you pea-brained individuals found loopholes and shit that thousands of scientists haven’t already thought about? You think you just stumbled upon the holes in the theory of evolution? Darwin didn’t publish his findings for years because he knew he would be ridiculed if he didn’t cover his ass. Read a fucking book that’s not the Bible and get a full grasp of evolutionary biology before you come around asking, “Oh if evolution is real how long in between the first man and woman evolved?” I don’t have time to actually answer those questions because they require a grasp of science and some basis of intellect. 

Just because you have a book that says masturbating is bad and I can take slaves from neighboring countries doesn’t mean all the evidence of evolution is somehow invalidated. Where the fuck is your missing link? Where is all your hard evidence? Oh you have no evidence? Everything is located in one book with no hard evidence to back up anything from that text? How lucky for you. Makes me wonder why evolutionary scientists need to come up with more “missing links” and fossils when you haven’t come up with one thing other than the Bible that proves Creationism is right.

Sometimes I just want to throttle someone. You know? 


4 thoughts on “Stupid People are Mad the Show Cosmos Doesn’t Address Creationism……

  1. Boaz D. Heilman says:

    But seriously, what do you really think?

  2. Scott says:

    The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is for you, Jeff! 🙂


    considering the world is only 6000 years old.i think that since humanity has come so far due the the fact gods written word has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth.
    So by the time the sheepherders wrote the bible down they were to inbred to really make sense of it .

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