Nick Cannon Went Whiteface But Don’t Worry, It’s not Racist Because its not Blackface


Read some stuff on the internet about how Nick Cannon went whiteface and white people are mad because of the double standard. Don’t worry guys. Its not a double standard though. See, because white people used to be really racist and use black face as a means of demeaning black people in America, no white person can ever make their skin artificially darker for the purposes of costume or looking like a black celebrity (except Robert Downey Jr, he transcends racism). Did I clear that up for you guys? Its like how it was racist for Miley Cyrus to twerk because: ” until such time as black people are not ridiculed and debased for the styles and music and lifestyle that they create, live and breathe, hands off. Until such time as black fashion, art and music can become mainstream without having to be passed through a white filter, hands off.” I think that pretty much covers it. Should be no confusion anymore at all.

I thought no one saw color anymore. Just throwing this out there, but I constantly see politically correct and socially active individuals talking about ‘why do we even talk about skin color anymore’. Saying how archaic it is and we all bleed the same color blood etc etc etc. The only time we see color is apparently when people put make up on for costumes. We’re all human beings till someone puts on a Michael Jackson costume and some dark makeup so no one confuses him as the little boy touching weirdo Michael Jackson instead of the King of Pop.

Should people be mad if racist people, do blackface/whiteface in a mean spirited/racist way? Yes. Would I be mad if someone dressed up as a Jewish celebrity and put on makeup to make it look like they had a huge nose even if the celebrity didn’t have a large nose? Yes. Would I be mad if someone dressed up as Adrien Brody and made their nose look bigger? No. Adrien Brody has a huge fucking nose. That’s called reality. I wrote that whole analogy and realized its not even apt. You know why? Because Jewish people having big noses is a stereotype. Black people and celebrities with dark skin IS NOT A STEREOTYPE. ITS THEIR FUCKING SKIN. Its just what it is.

Again, I’m not saying we should ignore racism by any means. I’m saying its the mother effing 21st century. If we don’t see color and we’re all grown ups about it, everyone can dress up as who ever they want for halloween. Put on makeup and go as Justin Bieber. Put on a makeup and go as Flava Flav. I’m so tired of this bullshit. Its fucking makeup. Stop calling it blackface and whiteface all this dumb shit. Black face was the racist shit people used to do back in the day that was really fucking racist. Putting on makeup and dressing up as Barack Obama or something, is not racist. Julianne Hough dressing up as a black character from Orange is the New Black is not racist. She liked a character from the show and wanted to go as her for Halloween. Julianne gets blasted though, because apparently, in the 21st century, its racist to dress up like someone who you look up to and put on makeup so you look more like them.

Tell me how you’re going to explain to your white kid that its racist for him to put make up on to look like Adrian Peterson? How’s that conversation going to go? “Daddy, I want to go as Adrian Peterson for Halloween. Can I put on makeup to look like him?” “No son you can’t.” “Why not?” “Well son, if Adrian Peterson knew you looked up to him he’d be very happy to hear it. If he heard you wanted to go as him for Halloween he’d be even happier. But if he heard you went as him for Halloween and put makeup on to make your skin the same shade as his he’d think you were a racist little shit. Does that make sense son?”

I thought we were progressive or something. Equality and all that jazz, unless it comes to makeup, then we’re in the fucking 18th century.

P.S. If you think Nick Cannon IS racist/wrong for wearing white makeup and think no one should go whiteface or blackface that is a valid stance to have. If you think Nick Cannon isn’t racist/wrong but white people who wear makeup to look like black celebrities are, you are a hypocritical asshole.


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