Lying to Your Kids Makes Them More Likely to Lie. GASP!


Shocking news, people. Just shocking. Lying to you kid makes them more likely to lie? I always thought children, you know, the beings that at one point or another will literally imitate everything their parents do, would imitate anything but lying. I thought they would inherently know lying is bad because I tell them its bad even though I lie right to their face. Guess I was wrong. Wish I had known this years ago. Then I would have known whose parents were lying to them. 

There was always that one maybe two kid/s in your class that just lied constantly. Anytime they open their mouth its a big fib. One kid told me his uncle kept a T-Rex and a Triceratops in his closet and had them fight. I’d seen Jurassic Park more than a few times at this age, so I told him he was full of it. Didn’t change his tune, but we both knew he was lying. Unless he wasn’t. Then I missed out on some epic dino-fights. 

I feel like Santa Claus is the “gateway drug” for lying. Parents start off wanting to be honest. Then they start concocting all these plots, schemes and shenanigans to keep their kid thinking some obese, bearded man is breaking into their house and leaving presents. It’s preposterous. You know when I found out Santa wasn’t real? 5. Am I some fucked up weirdo? Maybe. Who’s to say? Point being lying is always a bad idea and kids always know when you’re lying. Parents are notoriously bad liars. They don’t have to lie very often so when they do its incredibly obvious. Kids lie to everyone. Teachers, parents, other kids, coaches, other parents. Kids are good at lying. So try raising your kid with some honesty, instead of putting a GPS tracker in the back of their neck and pretending like you know where they are. 


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