Planet Fitness Asks Woman to Cover Up Because She is too Toned and “Intimidating”


This is what it’s come to in America. I wish I could say I was surprised but this is now par for the course. First, I’d like to address the fact that if this woman’s body is intimidating to you, you probably haven’t seen your feet without a mirror in years. She has no abs. Just a flat stomach, which in America, has become more elusive than Sumatran rhinos (look ’em up). She basically looks like a normal human being. In this day and age though, god forbid you look at all in shape. You might intimidate someone with your caring about your body and “working out”.

Could you imagine if a gym told a fat person to cover up because their body was intimidating other people. Lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. Oh the mental anguish of being exposed to reality. It’s fucking ridiculous. I don’t see any skinny people only gyms. As I write this I realize its not even the first time this shit has happened. I blogged about a gym not letting a woman join because she was too fit. I feel like I’m caught in a loop of hypocrisy and idiocy. 

Whatever happened to using someone who’s in better shape than you as motivation? No. No one knows what friendly competition is? OK. Cool. Just checking. They should probably ban high school athletes from watching professional sports lest they feel self conscious about their own play and how its not at that level. Its just fucking absurd.

If someone joins Planet Fitness and they’re fat, but they actually go to the gym and workout because that’s what gyms are for, and then they get really toned and in shape does Planet Fitness tell them they have to leave? What’s the protocol here. “Once we can see your abs you have to find a new gym so you don’t intimidate the rest of our customers.” What a world we live in. Did you ever think you’d hear the phrase, “She’s too in shape to go to the gym” cause I sure as shit didn’t. 


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