Pretty Sure that Missing Airliner is Part of a Criminal Mastermind Plot of Some Sort


This whole story is baffling. The fact that, in this day and age, we lost a plane carrying 239 people is mind boggling. This is Bermuda Triangle type stuff right here. Just disappeared. Vanished. Poof. No cell phone calls to family members? No GPS tracking. On board tracking systems just shut off. Plane goes off the radar and that’s that. 

Every time I see an update regarding this story, the plot thickens too, as if a huge plane disappearing wasn’t enough: “At least two other media reports, citing anonymous U.S. officials, reported that two communications systems were shut down separately on the flight deck of the plane, suggesting the aircraft did not suffer catastrophic failure.” OK. So we can rule out freak crash of some sort. For now anyway. But what led me to believe it was a criminal mastermind plot you ask?

Seismologists at a top Chinese university reported Friday that they had detected a slight “seismic event” on the sea floor between Vietnam and Malaysia on March 8 around the time that a Malaysian Airlines flight went missing with 239 people on board.” Seismic activity on the sea floor near where the plane went missing. That’s a criminal mastermind plot 10/10 times. You’ve all seen the Austin Powers movies (if not, take a long moment and ask yourself “what are you doing with your life?”). Dr. Evil’s got that submarine floating about, with a TRACTOR BEAM I might add. The kicker is that the area where they recorded this seismic event isn’t even an active part of the crust. There’s never any earthquakes there. It just screams submarine with a tractor beam or some type of underwater base. It’s either that or aliens as far as I can tell. I should probably send the NSA a heads up so they’re not caught with their pants around their ankles if that’s the case. 


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