Bill O’Reilly: Is There Anyone More Full of Shit? No.


Woke up today feeling pretty good. It’s Thursday. Which means it’s almost Friday. What’s not to like. I pop on to Google News to see what’s going on and see the headline Bill O’Reilly: The Climate Change Strategy. Needless to say, I was intrigued. Very intrigued. Thought there might be some common ground or something. Maybe this fine Thursday was the day a Bill O’Reilly article wasn’t covered with more shit and lies than a dog who got out rolled around in god knows what and stares at you like, “I dunno. I didn’t do anything.” Alas today was not the day.

The President’s job approval rating around 40 percent…, So the President must raise his positive profile. But that’s not going to be easy. The economy will not improve any time soon.

Bill starts off throwing some heat. Given, that this is Obama’s second and therefore final term in the Oval Office why exactly does he need to work on his positive profile? Is he pulling an FDR? Running for a 3rd term? No you say? Hasn’t he already said that he’s just going to get shit done and fuck everyone who gets in his way including Congress? Yes. So shut the fuck up Bill.

Enter global warming a fervent liberal cause” Too smart for us liberals Bill. Just too smart. Bill goes on about how Obama is trying to say California’s drought is directly a result of global warming. Obama doesn’t say this but its easier to put words in someones mouth if those words help you make an argument against them. 

But every human being who cares about the earth should want it to be cleaner. Therefore, we should all, all of us work together to make that happen whether you believe in global warming or not. That is the sane, s-a-n-e, sane position.” What’s this? Is this some sanity and truth coming from the mouth of Bill O’Reilly?

Unfortunately countries like China and India don’t care they are polluting the planet in a record rate to make money and President Obama can’t stop that. So if the USA punishes its own people like holding up the Keystone Pipeline which would provide jobs being foolish” JUST KIDDING! Got ya! You thought there was some common ground between “liberals” and Fox conservatives? Fuck no!! Clearly the ONLY reason the Keystone Pipeline is being held up is due to climate change reasons. THERE ARE NO OTHER REASONS! Unless you Google it, then there are like 10 other reasons. Conflict of interest, spills, aquifer contamination just to name a few. But Bill’s right. The President is punishing the US. Punishing! If we go by the definition I assume he’s using, Obama is treating (someone) (ie the American people)) in an unfairly harsh way. So harsh Obama. 😦 Since we can’t control India and China, I forgot it was a race to the bottom for who can pollute the world the most. China is hogging all that beneficial smog! Send some our way China! You can’t have all the pollution we want some too.

Finally, Bill puts a neat little bow on everything, “And will up the ante to obscure other problems like the economy and Obamacare which it’s not fixing.” Because there’s obviously no worth in fixing Obamacare for Obama. Why would he waste his time doing that? Or the economy? Apparently, all he cares about is increasing his popularity for some reason and the easiest way to do that is obviously, to mask all the real problems and ride on climate change. Thanks Bill. Now I understand it!

I would pay good money to see O’Reilly slapped in the face until he cried.


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