I Hate all These Snowstorms Being Named. HATE IT.


I don’t know why this started happening. I remember the first storm they named. It was when I was in college. It was like Athena or something stupid. Now, any storm that throws down more than an inch gets a fucking name. “Ooo here comes winter storm Chesika. We’re gonna get like 3 inches of snow. Here comes Pax. Watch out, it might drop 4 inches.” I hate it! Absolutely one of the worst things of all time. Remember the good old days when we just called them storms. We don’t name fucking thunderstorms. They’re just storms. You know what they called that blizzard that happened in 1978? THE BLIZZARD OF ’78. Shocker.

The names they come up with are fucking ridiculous too. Quintus? Pax? Bruno? All these stupid hipstery names for storms. Why you ask? Its because all the real names are saved for REAL STORMS AKA HURRICANES.  Hurricane Andrew people remember. Hurricane Sandy people remember. Winter storm Pax can go shove it. No one gives a hoot.

“…the National Weather Service (NWS)–did not acknowledge TWC’s winter storm names and asked its forecast offices to refrain from using the TWC names” Just saw this while researching where these stupid storm names come from. Its all the mother fucking weather channel. Bunch of fear mongering sons a B’s. Weather channel is way up there on my list of people who suck ass. I don’t think my scathing tweets are getting the job done either.


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