California Lawmakers Want to Put Warning Labels on Soda. Pansies


For once I’m kind of torn on who to side with. I think that the soda industry will probably win the ensuing legal battle, as well, because they have pretty solid ground to stand on. Yes soda is bad for you. Yes soda is full of sugar. Yet people still buy it. People still drink it and people continue to choose it over water. This isn’t like cigarettes. Soda isn’t the sole reason you become obese or get diabetes. Smoking cigarettes can be the sole reason you get lung cancer. 

Are cheeseburgers going to have to have warning labels on them too? All fast food? Anything but grass? Where does it end. The more I write, the more I agree with soda companies. Think to yourself how much warning labels on soda would actually stop people from buying soda? Not much. People are going to make bad decisions. You can’t stop it. 

People aren’t fat because soda and bad food are like cigarettes. They’re not the most addictive drugs in the world. Its individual choices. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No one just wakes up one day overweight or obese. Its a long process. If you don’t want to be fat you ask your doctor what you can do. Even if you had no idea what bad foods were, you know when you are gaining weight and there is always help available. 

Everyone dies people. Get over it. Who cares if you don’t live a perfectly healthy life? Its your choice to make. So they better not take away my king size candy bars! I DO WHAT I WANT! IM A GROWN ASS MAN!


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