If Forced Who Should the Pats Pick: Talib or Edelman?




The answer is Aqib Talib. I read this blog and about who the Pats should choose and initially I was on team Edelman. People continue to cite the AFCCG like the Patriots just got blown out of the water. Like the defense was just swiss cheese after Peyton Manning was done with it. This is simply not the case. Yes, it seemed impossible to stop him, but the Patriots gave up 26 points to the Broncos which, until the Seahawks stomped on them, was their lowest or second lowest points scored in a game for the season. So spare me the whole “Talib is the only thing holding this shoddy defense together” bullshit. Our offense on the other hand only put up 16 points and had several three and outs. It was not a good day to be on the Pats offense. 

So why do I pick Talib you might ask, if the Pats offense is as bad as I think it is? Because the Seahawks proved yet again, defense beats offense. Plain and simple. If the Pats defense is good enough that Brady and Co only need to score say, 16 points a game, they’ll win every single game. The Seahawks went 14-2 and that is mainly because of their defense. Without Percy Harvin, I think the Seahawks offense was one of the more overrated offenses in the NFL. The defense is what put them in the playoffs and ultimately won them the Super Bowl. 

If the Patriots keep Talib and (big and) he stays healthy, along with Mayo and Wilfork, the sky is the limit for this Patriots defense. Fingers crossed everybody!



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