Bob Costas Benched Due to Pink Eye


I don’t think there is anything more humiliating than this. First, Bob wears those ridiculous glasses and everyone knows Bob Costas doesn’t wear glasses. So it drew even more attention to his pink eye. Next, Bob gets pink eye in both eyes, but soldiers on because he’s not one to let a little pink eye get in the way of his Olympics coverage. Finally, his pink eye is so bad the network replaces him. Let’s be clear on this. If it were up to Bob Costas, Bob Costas would cover the entire Olympics blind if he had to. Bob Costas sits on the bench for no man!

Bet Matt Lauer, Costas’ replacement, is sabotaging the fuck out of Costas. No one has covered the Olympics other than Bob since 1988. Matt Lauer was probably getting real tired of Costas hogging the spotlight. Real fed up with it, indeed. Probably been sneaking into Bob’s room and bare ass farting on his pillow. “That’ll teach him to hog the spotlight!!” I see right through Matt Lauer’s sincere and compassionate exterior to the cold, calculated spotlight hungering machine that he is. If I were Bob Costas I’d keep an eye on Matt Lauer, maybe 2.


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