Zoo Kills Giraffe and Feeds it to Lions. People Get Their Panties in a Bunch



I’ve found that many Disney movies can be used as a visual representation of why people are being stupid or why the conclusions they’ve come to are, in fact, stupid. The movie I will be using in today’s controversy is the Lion King. Some Danish zoo had a giraffe that was too genetically similar to other giraffes and would have caused inbreeding. So they shot it in the head and fed it to lions. Circle of life, right? 

WRONG! The zoo officials/staff are getting death threats including this gem: “The children of the staff of Copenhagen Zoo should all be killed or should get cancer.” Public outrage is the most comical of outrages. You killed a young giraffe, therefore your children should be killed. Makes sense. 

I’m not sure these people are aware that lions eat giraffes in the wild. I don’t hear anyone complaining that the lions in the zoo aren’t getting fed real African big game meat? Has no one thought of the lions?!?! They just got the best meal they’ll ever have in their entire lives. Going from whatever they were eating to freshly killed giraffe is probably the difference between eating rotten meat and then being given veal. 

Speaking of veal, I haven’t heard of any death threats for the latest chef who cooked baby cow for someone to eat. Doesn’t really make sense to me. Its not murder. Its a giraffe. The zoo thought it was best used to feed the lions. Lions eat giraffes. I think people should be thankful the zoo keepers didn’t just throw the giraffe in the lion enclosure and let nature sort things out. 



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