The Bill Nye V. Creationism Debate Was in Fact a Trap.




I said it. I said it was a bad idea. Bill was only playing into their trap and lo he did. Not only did this raise awareness for the Creationist Museum AKA The Propaganda Museum From Christ, but it generated a lot of money for them to spread this trash and no one changed their mind. I know of zero creationists who, when told all of the inconsistencies in their logic said, “Gee well I guess I don’t believe in Creationism anymore.” No one says that because to be a Creationist you have to believe with all your heart that Creationism is right and evolution is wrong. You have to try to see logic in every hair brained reason why Evolution is a “theory” and ignore reality. 

Like this son of a bitch above the text. HAVE YOU NOT TAKEN A SINGLE BIOLOGY CLASS? Anyone who reads my blog knows why that sign is a bunch of horse shit so no one needs to hear me rant about primordial pools and such. If you can write that and stand up in front of a camera and smile about it, we can’t be friends. You are stupid and will continue to ignore the blossoming field of biology and all its advancements. 

I watched the intro to the debate but stopped because I knew watching the whole thing would lead to me destroying most of my property in a rage. In the opening the proponent for Creationism, Ken Ham, says how there are two different kinds of science historical and something else. I don’t remember because I don’t remember dumb things. Any who, his argument was that essentially since none of us were alive in the past, historical science is really conjecture and that somehow validates a book written 2000 years ago (allegedly) that discusses the beginning of the world.

The second thing he talks about is that you can be a creationist and still contribute to technology. He is in fact wrong. You can contribute to some technology. You basically have to remove yourself from the field of biology or anything related. Especially, microbiology. How can you create a flu vaccine unless you believe it will evolve and therefore need predictive models for when it changes? How can you validate coming up with new antibiotics when the old ones should work given that there is no evolution? 

Point being. If you’re a Creationist, you’re an ignorant ass hat and if Creationism is ever taught in this country’s schools I will leave so fast it will make your head spin. Religion is not fucking science. The world isn’t 6000 years old and you should be slapped directly in the face if you believe that. Show me the proof that God wrote the Bible, then we’ll talk.


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