Hard Hitting Science: HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Lead to Sex




I guess this means I’m the only one who would have sex with everything that moves if I were 100% immune to STDs? Like my fear of STDs is literally the only thing keeping this sexual tsunami at bay. Damn. This is a rude awakening. 

Good for these parents though. Now they know their logic was 100% incorrect and irrational so maybe now they feel foolish. I mean, not as foolish as me but still pretty foolish. Did people really believe the only reason teens weren’t having sex with everyone all the time was because of a fear of STDs. That’s basically what this study leads me to believe. 

Parent: “Yeah. My daughter, she’s a virgin and I worry if I get her the HPV vaccine she’ll be more likely to have sex.”

Doctor: “You believe that the only reason your daughter is a virgin is because she is afraid of getting HPV…….? Does she even have a boyfriend?”

Parent: “No. But you know how kids are these days. One day they’re terrified of STDs. The next they get a vaccine and just start fucking…”

Doctor: “…………….holy shit……….”

24 percent of parents who didn’t support vaccination said it would encourage their kids to have sex earlier

This is the world we live in people. Where 1/4 of parents out there think that vaccination against one kind of STD will turn their children into sex monsters. Have they invented a slap-gram? Its like a candy-gram but instead of candy you just get open hand smashed in the face. Backhand would be too violent. So many people need to be slapped. So many. 


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