New Pill Cam Might Replace Colonoscopies! SCORE!



Swallowable Pill-Sized Camera Could Replace Traditional Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are the scariest future prospect for a young adult male. Sure, there’s marriage, children, job insecurities, all of that junk, but the colonoscopy is the cream of the crop. You know, that inevitably, you’re going to have a sigmoidoscope (name for the plumber-like instrument they shove up your ass) inside of you every 5 years from age 50 on. I don’t care if its painless. I don’t care if they give you that drug that makes it so you don’t remember. You can’t undo what’s done. From 50 on, you know a camera has snaked up your lower intestine and poked around in there. Its just incredibly unsettling. 

I would much rather just swallow this pill camera, especially once it gets good enough for live streaming. I’m trying to Magic School Bus the fuck out of myself. Just check things out, make sure my insides look as attractive as my outsides. Maybe see all the gum I’ve swallowed over the years. Who knows? But I do know this camera pill is infinitely better than a standard colonoscopy. Luckily, I’ve got 30 years of time to wait on this so hopefully by the time its my turn for a colonoscopy I just swallow a pill and review the tape with my doc the next day. 

What a world we live in people. Pill cam for the win. 


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