Bill Nye to Debate the Founder of Kentucky’s Creationism Museum about Evolution


BILL WATCH OUT! IT’S A TRAP! This is 100% not going to go the way Bill Nye thinks. You can’t submit to public debates with these wackjobs. You absolutely cannot. Having an argument about evolution with a creationist is like arguing that teflon is a non-stick surface with someone who wants to talk about the color of the pot. There is zero overlap in logic or the points actually being argued. 

Science: “We have vast fossil records that suggest species do change due to environmental stressors”

Creationism: “Yeah but you can’t count that. Those are dead things. Why don’t I have laser eyes right now?”

Science: “Well what about new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. They have evolved resistance to current antibiotics.” 

Creationism: “Yeah but those aren’t even people. That’s bacteria. You can’t even see them how do you know they’re real. 

Science: “We have other da-

Creationism: “BLAH BLAH BLAH! I can’t hear you! I’m gonna throw Bibles at you till you run away!

This is the basic transcript of any evolution/creationist debate. They don’t listen to logic. They don’t listen to facts. Everything is circumstantial except the lord savior Jebus Christ. No amount of data can sway their unwavering faith and ignorance. It’s a trap Bill. Get out while you still can! Odds that Bill Nye gets so frustrated he simply leaves in the middle of the “debate”? 60/40.


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