Super Bowl Thoughts as I Frolic in Manning Tears


I don’t think anybody expected the one-sided game we saw yesterday. Sure, some brazen Seahawks fans probably boasted about a 35-point blowout, but none of them believed it. Peyton Manning sucked from beginning to end so at least he was consistent. Peyton is only one man and his receivers got dominated for sure, but Manning missed many a throw and had as many touchdown passes to his own teammates as he did to the Seattle Seahawks.

The main reason I had so much riding on this game was because if Manning had won it would have fueled the constant argument of who is better; Manning or Brady? If Manning won that argument becomes a lot less about stats, facts, wins, losses and rings and more a matter of opinion. Luckily for me and my sanity, the status quo remains unchanged. If you argue Manning is better than Brady, I merely have to point to and my argument has already been crafted with all the numbers and logic woven into the argument.

I’m sure a lot of people will talk about how “Manning still beat Brady” and then talk about “MVP”, “Touchdown record”, etc, etc, but that talk falls short in a hurry. Manning had one of the best WR corps in the game, a very good O-line and a not too shabby defense. A defense which held the Seahawks to 15 points after a safety, a three and out and an interception. The whole offense (minus the O-line but plus Julius Thomas) was basically the same as last year and some might argue better. Brady on the other hand, lost the second best offensive playmaker to murder, the number one offensive playmaker to injuries, the number three offensive playmaker to the Broncos and the two captains of his defense, three captains if we include Talib. The result? Brady still ends up in the AFC Championship Game and beats Manning in the regular season.

Manning had the best team he could ask for in the Super Bowl and they got blown out. You can talk about the losses to the Giants if you want, but they weren’t blowouts and they both shattered my soul so don’t talk about them.

Brady > Manning.

For all you Broncos fans out there, hopefully we’ll see you in the AFC Championship Game next year. If the past 3 years are any predictor of the future Brady will be there. Hopefully, Manning can stay as consistent.


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