Calling Obesity a Disease Makes People Feel Better About Their Bodies and Less Likely to Lose Weight


I had a whole blog written about obesity in America. How people like to throw out buzzwords like fat-shaming, how people complain its not their fault because they have a glandular/thyroid/big-boned problem, and how none of this, not the sociology classes people take, not the excuses (real or otherwise) for being overweight, nor the lack of social stigma around weight and body size have resulted in America getting any less fat. Adult obesity rates are at an all time high. Childhood obesity rates are at an all time high.

I was gonna tip-toe around so fat people didn’t think I was making fun of them and socially aware people didn’t try and burn my house down. Then I realized something. I don’t give a shit. I just fucking don’t. You wanna be obese or overweight that’s your choice. Who am I to say you should do otherwise? On the other hand, don’t tell me fat is attractive or that only “real women” have curves and any thin person simply “cares what people think too much” or “has an eating disorder”. There’s two ends to this spectrum and everyone just needs to shut up. I make my decisions, you make yours. I probably won’t split the bill with you either, considering we both know you like to indulge a little bit more than I do. Just saying. Don’t get mad about it.

I’m fucking sick of all the buzz around obesity and people being overweight. You can’t sell king size candy bars. You can’t sell jumbo sized sodas. The government has to create programs to fucking force people to use their bodies for something other than watching TV and shoveling food in their faceholes. Its such a damn waste. Childhood obesity programs are the only ones I give two shits about and its simply because they’re not adults and should lead healthy lifestyles until they can choose otherwise. Same reason kids can’t buy cigarettes or booze. The rest of it, though? Fuck it. Unless you’re an insurance company you literally shouldn’t care at all. If you’re an insurance company you better hope people start losing weight and fast.

With 70% of America overweight or obese, its clear Americans don’t care either. Spare me the poor kids this or the poverty level that. There were poor people in America before everyone was fat and there are poor people now that everyone is fat. If you tell me there is a person out there who legitimately can only afford to be overweight because of how much they make I call bullshit. There is no economic reason that forces you to be overweight. That’s a choice. Your choice and no one else’s. The choice of being overweight or not is on the individual and I think that’s something we as a nation have forgotten. No one makes that decision for you. I’ve never accidentally eaten a donut. Not yet anyway.

Haters gonna hate. Fatties gonna fat. Skinnies gonna skinny. Everyone just calm down.

P.S. That closing remark made no sense whatsoever, but I stand by it to the fullest.


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