Biggest Problem with the NFL: Public Funding of Stadiums


My main qualm with the NFL is publicly funded stadiums. I’m not quite sure why any city does this shit. Gillette stadium, for all you Patriots haters out there, was 100% privately funded because we’re from New England and we don’t take no guff. The NFL makes something like 10 billion in revenue a year. It’s a pretty lucrative business in case you didn’t know. So I don’t know where owners get off asking cities and states to pay for their multimillion dollar stadium. Its non-sensical. You know how many times I’ve been to a Patriots game? 0. If the sales tax had gone up to support the stadium I’d be pissed. Can’t just go around having the public paying for your profitable shit, like an investment, then not see a return. Spare me the team stays in the city or whatever. I can watch the Pats from my TV just fine. If a team went and left because they public wouldn’t fund their stadium you bet your ass I’d start rooting for someone else. That’s some bullllllllshit. 


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