Peanut Allergies Can be Treated with Exposure Therapy


This study confirms what I’ve thought for a long time now. Kids today are little wussbags. Allergies? Pshhhhhhh. Rub some dirt in it and you’ll be fine. Apple skin makes your throat itchy and your lips swell up a bit? Well unless your 5 year old ass wants to peel the apples yourself, you’re eating the skin and you’ll fucking like it. None of this scratch test nonsense. A whole matrix of allergens so you know which to avoid. You just expose yourself to everything and then it all evens out. Unless you’re one of those poor children with severe allergic reaction. No amount of throat closings will probably fix your allergic reaction. I’m sorry. Just keep that epi-pen close at all times and pray no one likes PBJ in a 5 mile radius of you. 

I’ve long thought exposure therapy might work, but that was just me thinking everyone was just a pussy. No real biological reasoning to it, just wanted to be able to eat my peanuts in peace. Think I might be allergic to cats. Cat comes and sits in my lap and I get hair in my face my nose gets all itchy and shit. My face feels like its covered in hair. Does that mean I’m gonna stop petting or playing with the cat. Hell no. I suck it up. No point in letting mildly irritating things get in the way of what you want to do. That’s what I don’t understand about a lot of allergies. If you like apples just fucking eat them. How much does having a scratchy throat really matter? Going years without apples though, thats a sad thing. 


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