Ann Coulter Coherently Sums Up the Argument Against Legalizing Marijuana

God I love Anne Coulter. If there was anyone better capable of eloquently voicing arguments against the legalization of marijuana I’d like to know about it. She did a bang up job. Very concise. Hit all the major talking points. A+ debate. Piers Morgan only had to yell at her once for rambling.

Ann starts off strong: “Almost none of my friends have [smoked pot] because they’re athletes” I forgot that no successful athlete ever smoked pot. Not the state championship wrestler from my high school, not the numerous athletes in the NFL. None of them. Certainly not Ricky Williams, one of the best RBs of our time. Nope. Everyone knows you can’t be a good athlete if you smoke pot. FACT.

Quickly follow this with, “Many of my best friends are pot heads” and you know we have a winning debater on our hands. See only her athlete friends don’t smoke pot, but her BEST friends are all pot heads. Totally checks out guys. Definitely not a contradiction.

“Smokers [of cigarettes] work all night and then die young saving the social security system money….We ought to encourage Americans to smoke like mad they’d be incredibly productive then they’d die young and not have long lingering deaths”

You can’t argue with that. Point Coulter. I mean have you heard of lung cancer? Hello! Fastest most non-expensive death ever. Am I right? I mean how long does it take to die of cancer? Faster than a heart attack? Can’t be more than a few seconds. Certainly not years and years of healthcare costs as you slowly waste away with countless surgeries and harsh chemicals.

But perhaps Ann’s pièce de résistance is this quote: “Pot is not good for you. It is very cancerous. People are getting these young kids coming in having heart attacks at very young ages because they’re pot heads.”

I forgot that the 60s and 70s are known for Free Love and hippies as well as a huge spike in heart attacks in the US due to drug use. Also forgot that were now seeing a large majority of those pot smoking hippies coming down with the Big C.

Ann Coulter everybody. Truly an inspiration for us all. A master debater and champion of the anti-marijuana coalition. With her at the helm there’s no way any more states legalize marijuana. None at all.

P.S. Piers Morgan for sure lights one up every now and again. Definitely went home after this awful excuse for a debate and got blasted just to rub Ann’s face in it.


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