USA Clearly to Blame for Some of the Chinese Pollutants


Does China make almost everything we use here in America? Yes. Does that make it our fault that they pollute the fuck out of themselves with factories and what not? No. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for something. Owning up when you’ve fucked yourself. Its like if you pay me to make a thousand paper airplanes and when I get paper cuts I blame you. No its my fault for accepting the job of making paper airplanes or for being careless and not wearing gloves. Same thing here.  You wanna make a shit ton of money selling America Mardi Gras beads and children’s toys? Then you better have some clean ass factories because we’re gonna need an infinite amount of both. Also only 20% of pollutants are coming from export-related production. So lets chill out with this anti-consumerist BS. The other 80% is due to having a billion people living in a country where coal is still the primary heating source. Maybe we focus on that and not the small 20% coming from making me my lead-painted children’s toys. 


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