In Other Shocking News, Kids Don’t Actually Read on Tablets :O


Big fucking shocker here, folks. Kids don’t read nearly as much as you think on tablets. You know how my parents knew I was reading? CAUSE I HAD A FUCKING BOOK IN MY FACE. Giving your kid a tablet is like the ultimate comic book hidden inside a textbook. Just multitask whatever you’re reading and if your parent is coming switch over to it. Otherwise, you can play Doom 3 or whatever to your hearts content. Point here being, if you want your kid to read buy them, A) A FUCKING BOOK. B) The Kindle Whitepaper. That’s it. You buy them something, that can only be used to read.

You buy them an iPad if you believe all the advertising that makes you think your kid will cure cancer, while climbing Mount Everest if only he has an iPad. Some of you may have had the wool pulled over your eyes and that’s fair. Try Googling “kid plays with iPad” or “Kid plays video games on tablet”. If you go in the images all you’ll see is little kid actors pretending they’re learning or something on their tablet. Rest assured they are not. 

50-seven per cent thought their child had learned “a lot” from educational media about reading and mathematics — but only 19 per cent thought that much had been learned about science.

First of all, don’t know why they didn’t just type 57 here. Makes me question the credibility of Business Insider all together. Second of all, not sure what education media is but I’m pretty sure its bunk. You bet your ass my kid will get a steady stream of Sesame Street and Bill Nye the Science Guy. That’s all. You know why? Cause that’s basically all I got to watch. Throw in some Wishbone and Arthur and that child will be a model upstanding citizen.


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