In a Move to Improve Public Relations, Republicans Attempt to Cut Food Stamp Spending


I always think that the next time I see the Republican party do something incredibly stupid or short sighted I won’t be surprised. Yet, every time I am always left scratching my head, befuddled by the stupidity of the GOP. Food stamps are the one thing literally everyone can agree on. Lots of conservative people have arguments against welfare and what not. Promoting laziness, using the money to buy drugs etc. Not saying I agree with these arguments just putting them out there (don’t crucify me). Food stamps, however, is the government DIRECTLY GIVING POOR PEOPLE FOOD. You can only buy food with food stamps. You can’t buy drugs. You can’t piss it away on TVs or something. It’s food for the poor. Out of everything in the budget this is what you wanted to slash. ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE? 

Who is going to vote for Republicans anymore? Who? The middle class in the US is shrinking and the upperclass is not growing nearly as fast as the lower working class. Unless the GOP starts promoting legitimate conservative politicians with actual viewpoints that aren’t moon bases and mavericks the party won’t sniff the White House for decades. DECADES. Romney was the closest thing the Republicans have to a shot at the Presidency and he couldn’t even talk about all the positive things he’s done as a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR OF ONE OF THE BLUEST STATES IN AMERICA. Mitt should just jump ships and run as a conservative democratic candidate and not a liberal Republican. You’re basically not allowed to have a liberal bone in your body to be successful in the Republican party. Not one. Its just fucking nonsense. 


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