Family of Murder/Rapist Dennis Mcguire is Suing Because His Execution Wasn’t Painless Enough. Boo Hoo.


In classic America fashion, a family is suing because their murder/rapist family member was killed too cruelly for their liking. Here’s an idea, I’m just spitballing, but maybe, just maybe, don’t rape and murder a pregnant woman in a state that has the death penalty, if you don’t want to be killed by the state. I don’t know, but that seems like the best course of action. If you do happen to get sentenced to the death penalty, you have it coming and I don’t really care what happens to you. At all. 

You kind of have to be the lowest of low to sue the state over this. Like no dignity, no self respect, just hungering for an easy payday. “Oh you’re a millionaire now? How’d that happen?” “Well…I sued the state for improperly executing my rapist/murder family member” “……………..Oh. I have to go throw up now………” I think he had it coming but, what do I know. 

Again there’s a lot of controversy around the death penalty, innocent people killed and what not. I’m not sure which I’d rather take though. Falsely convicted to life in a state penitentiary or the death penalty. Having never spent time in the Pen and only having TV shows to go off, I’m pretty sure I’d rather get the death penalty. Not trying to get the Shawshank treatment. Just butt rape for like 40 years, maybe longer if prisoners are in to old people butts. Not cool. 


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