“Researchers” Say Facebook Could Lose 80% of its Users by 2017




The fact that this story is being run by “news” sites other than Fox makes me sad. This is just the dumbest statement I’ve heard for quite sometime and I’m in the business of stupidity. I can’t believe people and “researchers” think that Facebook will lose 960 million users in 3 years. Are you fucking soft? 

Researchers looked at the number of Google searches for Facebook, and found that they peaked in December 2012. A similar spike in searches was observed for Myspace months before it hit its peak in 2008, before heading into terminal decline.

Yeah. Maybe the searches peaked because 1.2 billion people are on Facebook. Maybe its just plateauing because literally everyone and their mother (my mom anyway) has a Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook you’re either A) a baby B)a senior citizen of sorts C) avoiding having your life documented and analyzed by Google and what not or D) a person in a country without internet access. Even people who don’t have friends have a Facebook. 

You know why Myspace had a terminal decline after 2008. That was 2 years after Facebook became available to 13 year olds with an email, so basically everyone. You know when I got a Facebook? Like 2007-2008. That’s when everyone got a Facebook. Myspace was lame as shit anyone. Facebook is the real deal. Myspace didn’t have an App. There weren’t even smart phones back then. The fact that Myspace is being used as a comparison is a farce. A FARCE I SAY. 

Professor Daniel Miller, of University College London, said simpler social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat would replace Facebook.” 

Yes. Because I want to see stuff about my friends in 140 characters or less and only get images that delete themselves in 10 seconds or less. Daniel Miller is a fool of epic proportions. Nobody is using Snapchat and Twitter to stay in touch. Nobody says, “Oh I’m moving to London! Here’s my twitter handle so we can keep in touch. Don’t forget to Snapchat me. I know no one cares about the pictures I’ll take so they’ll all be via Snapchat.” I have 8 times more Facebook friends than twitter followers/people I follow and thats the way I like it. I can’t follow 1000 people on twitter and blow up my feed. Makes no sense. Idiots. 


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