Google Chrome is the Best Internet Browser Available BAR NONE.


I’ve been using Google Chrome since before it was cool (It’s been cool for awhile now, just saying). My dad told me about it and I was like, “OK, whatever nerd!” But then I actually used it and never looked back. Chrome is faster than everything else and better in every way. If you’re male and you don’t know what an Incognito tab is you go google it and then ask yourself where it has been your whole life. 

Moving on. The newest feature of Chrome is arguably the best feature yet. Let me preface this by saying if you’re not using multiple tabs in your internet browser you’re using the internet wrong. Just fucking wrong. Especially if you don’t have a mac. Multiple tabs is a must. A MUST. My efficiency is probably around 1,000,000% because I use multiple tabs. I digress. You know how when you have a bunch of tabs up you can get kind of nervous about closing one. Clearly you opened them for a reason so if you close it you might not remember what you were doing. Well now if you one of your tab goes rogue and starts playing some bullshit commercial you don’t have to aimless search through them to see where the noise is coming from. Chrome puts a little speaker icon on tabs that are making noise. Now my efficiency is probably closer to 10,000,00%. 

This message brought to you by our Google Overlords. Resistance is futile. 


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