Due to Smog the Sunrise in China has Been Cancelled. Please See Digital Display for Sun-like Images



It looks like the smog in China is not playing out as Chinese officials had hoped. When you are displaying where the sun is in the sky on a giant screen because people literally wouldn’t know where the sun is due to smog, you might have a teensie problem with pollution. I like that this is the solution too. “What people are mad they can’t see the sky? Fine get some cameras up there and put the sun up on big screens all around the city so people can stop whining.” The People’s Republic of China is being renamed. The People’s Republic of Rickets. Seriously, everyone in China is gonna be all bowlegged now like when Mr. Burns blocks out the sun in the Simpsons. 

“Air pollution is often worst in winter due to an increase of coal burning.” What the fuck China? Isn’t China like the new superpower or some shit? Aren’t they supposedly kicking America’s ass? China, you’re always going to be number 2 to America if you still have your citizens burning coal for warmth. Build some infrastructure. We’ve all seen the time lapse videos of Chinese workers putting up sky scrapers in like a month. Why not build some gas lines or something. More power plants. Coal is so 19th century. Am I right?



This picture makes me laugh every time. Bowlegged Homer for the win. 


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