Seahawks Fan Gets Commemorative Tattoo of Super Bowl Victory Before it Happens


I don’t remember hearing about any Pats fans dumb enough to do this during the miracle 2007 season and the Pats were 18-0 heading into the Super Bowl. This is a bold, bold move. I’m pretty sure the 49ers are going to smash on the Seahawks in the NFC Championship and the ‘Hawks won’t even sniff the Super Bowl but we will have to wait and see. If the Seahawks do make it to the Super Bowl and lose does this guy have to donate this patch of skin to the less fortunate in Africa? I think he has to right? You can’t just keep that around. That’s probably one of the most depressing things of all time. After the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl I was sad for a few days maybe even a week or two, but I would have spiraled out of control if I saw a tattoo that said “Super Bowl Champs” day in and day out. That shit wears on you. Humming along throughout your morning routine, showering maybe shaving then, what’s that in the mirror?! BAM! Day ruined. Thought it was gonna be a good day till you spotted the permanent reminder that your team did not in fact win the Super Bowl and now you have an out of date tattoo on your body which cost at least $100. 

Good luck to this guy. Just kidding. Here’s to hoping he donates that patch of skin after the Patriots win the Super Bowl. 


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