Man Who Won an Auction to Hunt a Rhino is Getting Death Threats from Conservationists.


Awhile back, I blogged about the Texas hunters who auctioned off a license to hunt a rhino. Well, looks like the guy who won is getting death threats because his name got out and people don’t want him to hunt the rhino that he paid $350,000 to hunt. Apparently, the rhino is too old to breed anymore anyway so its not like he’s killing a viable rhino just dripping with semen. But beyond that it’s just such classic America to threaten a human being with death because you don’t want them to kill something. 

“They’re wanting to kill me,” he said. “They’re wanting to kill my children. They’re wanting to skin us alive.”

Now I’m doubting anyone is looking to put this dude’s hide up on their wall as decoration, but threatening his family? Seriously? “You’re going to kill a rhino? Fuck that. I’ll murder your whole family then we’ll see what’s what.” Not totally sure how we’re ranking life, but human life I think trump rhino life right? Like if this dude HAD to kill the rhino to save his family people would say no question put it the fuck down, but then if the dude wants to hunt the rhino for sport all of a sudden his family is fair game for killing? We’ve got to tone it down America. It’s a fucking rhino. Yeah its endangered, big whoop. If this were an endangered squirrel no one would give a shit but since its some iconic African species people have their panties in a bunch. 

P.S. “They’re wanting…” what the fuck is that nonsense. Where are you from buddy? How about 
“they want to skin us alive.” No need to make it weird. 


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