4 More Days Until Brady v Manning Part XV



The importance of this game for both parties cannot be understated. This is the most pivotal game for any fan of Brady or Manning. Everything they have ever done in either of their careers culminates to this game. Both of these guys are in the discussion as the greatest QB of all time. Some argue Brady because of his 3 rings and what not, some argue Peyton. Peyton has one ring but no Belichick and has proved he can win on two different teams with different coaches etc. Brady’s record against Manning is better but as a fan, we all know this means diddly squat when arguing with some douche Manning fan.

If Brady wins this game, there will be no question who is better any longer. Yes the Broncos have some injuries, Chris Harris and Von Miller, but the Patriots have the odds stacked against them. No Wilfork, no Mayo, no Gronk, no Vollmer, no Tommy Kelly. Rookies at nearly every position. A win for Brady and he’ll go down as better than Peyton no questions asked and will earn his 6th TRIP TO THE SUPER BOWL. I think 6 trips alone is enough to justify him being the greatest QB ever but some people really care about the wins column or something.

On the other hand, if Peyton wins I’ll spiral out of control into a deep, deep depression, the likes of which only Peyton losing in the Super Bowl could bring me out of. If Peyton wins, his resume against Brady gains a lot. He’s going to win MVP this year no questions asked. If he wins here he’ll get his 3rd trip to the Super Bowl. If the Broncos win the Super Bowl he’ll almost certainly get Super Bowl MVP. That’s how the Broncos are built. They win when Peyton does well. Super Bowl aside, another win against Brady will bolster Manning fans around the world and make arguing who is better even harder. It will also probably put to rest the spanking we gave them in the regular season, because when the chips were down Peyton won.

Sunday at 3:00pm cannot come soon enough. Brady has to win. He has to. Both their careers literally rest on this game. I think I’m having a heart attack.


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