Kids Who Sext are More Likely to Sex. Fox News Once Again Bringing you the Obvious.


“‘Sexting’ refers to sending nude or seminude images or sexually explicit messages over an electronic device, such as a mobile phone.

You mean to tell me that children who sext are 4 to 7 times more likely to engage in sexual behaviors?! GASP!!!! Kids who sent sexually explicit pictures were even more likely to engage in sexual behaviors?! DOUBLE GASP!!!! I always thought sexting was just how kids communicated today. “Sup” “[Nude photo]” “Sweet. We still sitting together at lunch tomorrow” “[dick pic]” “Great”.

I didn’t sext in middle school. You know why? CAUSE NO ONE WANTED TO SEXT WITH ME THATS FUCKING WHY. You know how many sexual behaviors I engaged in in middle school. A big fat zero. Shocker. Unless you count masturbating then its like infinity. You can bet your life, that if some girl had wanted to sext with me I would have done it in a heartbeat. You can also bet if she sent me pictures of herself we most likely would have at least made out. Sexting is just new age flirting. Back in the day you had to go get a malt and sit across from each other and wait for a peck on the cheek. That is, if you could get out from your snooping parents. The only difference between “The Good Old Days” and now is that its easier for kids to do things without their parents finding out. 

You think anyone would have gone out for a fucking malt if they just could have sent each other sexy pictures on a device that their parents couldn’t access? No. Malts wouldn’t have been a thing. Those old timey diners and what not. Straight out of business. Makeout point on the other hand would have been rocking. 

“It could be that for kids who have trouble with emotional processing that it’s a little bit easier to sext somebody than to say face-to-face, ‘Hey, I like you’ and see what that response is,” Houck said.” I love seeing the conjecture from people who grew up without cell phones. Yeah buddy, hit the nail on the head there. Definitely having trouble with emotional processing. That’s called being in middle school. Beyond that who doesn’t want to see some sexually explicit pictures. No one says, “I’m having trouble talking to this girl at school maybe I’ll send her a dick pic.” That’s how you get charged with something buddy. 

Sexters gonna sext. Haters gonna hate. 


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