I’m Starting to Get Hyped for the Patriots Playoff Game




Could not be more excited for the Pats game after watching that video. “C’MON NOW FELLAS. WHO’S GONNA ANSWER THE BELL? LET’S GO!!!” Love it. Tom “A man like no other” Brady. Bill “A leader of men” Belichick. Legarrette “The Big Boy” Blount. What’s not to love.

Seriously though, I’m getting really tired of people sucking Andrew Luck’s dick like his win against Kansas City some how makes him a top tier QB, which he’s not. Not yet anyway. On NFL.com they have an article outlining all the playoff games and Gregg Rosenthal gets down on both knees and really gives Luck a good sucking. Talking about how “he’s better at moving in the pocket than Tom Brady in his prime.” Are you fucking kidding me? The Chiefs played a vanilla game with basically a 4 man rush the entire time. A rush that failed to keep containment on Luck and let him rollout to his right and make throws on the move. If you think Luck is gonna get outside the pocket more than once against the Patriots you’re a fool. 

Second, aside from Luck’s amazing fumble recovery touchdown, the Chiefs inability to cover T.Y Hilton was the main reason they lost. There was an entire drive that was just 1st down receptions to T.Y. Hilton, not to mention that 70 yard bomb where neither cover 2 safety decided that TY was a priority to cover. Aqib Talib is going to eat TY for breakfast, lunch and dinner. T.Y. is a fucking snack, not even a main course for Talib. I understand trying to generate some hype around this game but when you say Andrew Luck is better than Tom Brady is when I spit in your face and call you a liar. This game is going to be a blowout. 

The only person who concerns me is Robert Mathis. He rushes much like Von Miller. He has a mean spin move that has been getting him strip sacks or the better part of a decade and I’m not sure if Solder will be able to keep him from sacking Brady. Other than that, this shit is a wrap. 


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