This Polar Vortex is Basically The Day After Tomorrow Right?


Anyone else go see The Day After Tomorrow with their “girlfriend” in middle school or was that just me? Because this polar vortex business sounds exactly like the shit that went down in this movie. Super cold storm system, basically a giant VORTEX OF COLD, comes through and among other weather anomalies kills a bunch of people and changes the landscape of the Earth, after the effects of global warming become to great. If this movie taught me anything its that everyone in the Midwest and South should try their darnedest not to let your fires go out otherwise you die. Also flee to Mexico, seemed to work out for a lot of people in the movie. Never thought the movie had any legitimacy to it. But it seems like the director straight up called it, minus tons of tornados and tidal waves.

As a final note, cold weather does not equal a lack of global warming. Most models predict extreme weather due to global warming. Temperatures around -25 degrees Fahrenheit seem pretty extreme to me, but what do I know.  I just hope this polar vortex doesn’t come over this way. 12 degrees is bad enough. If it gets to -12 I’m just not going in to work. You can’t make me. Good luck Middle America! Stay warm! 


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