Wild Card Weekend and a Look at Next Weeks Matchups



We’re in the home stretch folks. Football season is almost over. So cherish these playoffs before we hit the awful February-March stretch where I pretend to enjoy college basketball and make brackets based on how cool team names are. (Hint: Any team name with an X in it is cool so they obviously win in the first round).

Colts: 45 Chiefs: 44

Andy Reid’s loss definitely validates the Eagles firing him so any of you Philly fans out there can take solace in that. Up 38-10 shortly after halftime the Chiefs decided they wanted to take a nap for the rest of the game. The secondary play and defensive play calling was perhaps the worst seen all season. The ONLY good receiver the Colts have is T.Y. Hilton. So naturally you put him in single coverage in a simple cover 2 and let him split the zones and burn you repeatedly. The fact that T.Y. wasn’t double covered basically all game is fucking nonsense. I don’t know what the Chiefs were trying to do but it seems like they wanted to lose the game and they did. I saw a lot of 4 man rushes. No blitzing and Luck still threw 3 picks. I think the 4 man rushes also led to some broken containment which allowed Luck to get some crucial first downs with his feet. The Colts are coming to New England and they are gonna get rocked.

Score: 31-10 Patriots win

Chargers: 27 Bengals:10

The fact that the Chargers game plan was pound the ball against the 6th best rush defense in the NFL is nothing short of mind boggling. The fact that this game plan actually led to them winning the game is fucking ridiculous. Andy Dalton did as Andy Dalton does. Throw a lot of picks and suck dicks. Phillip Rivers, an apparently top tier quarterback, threw the ball 16 times. In the first half he threw 6 passes. This Chargers team is overrated and going to be SMOKED by the Broncos. The Broncos offense will not be stopped and Phillip Rivers is gonna have to throw the ball a lot more than 16 times if they are going to win the game. 

Score: 35-21 Broncos win

Saints: 26 Eagles: 24

Up until Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis got a concussion, this game looked like the Saints were gonna walk all over the Eagles. After that, they just started picking on the young replacement and rightfully so. The Saints did a great job containing Lesean McCoy and the Eagles run game. Drew Brees, however, did not look great. He threw two picks in the first half and was 1/4 in red zone efficiency. That’s bad. On top of this the Seahawks are a nightmare matchup against the Saints. The Saints team is built around Drew Brees carrying the offense up and down the field and finding open receivers. The Seahawks have the best secondary in the league bar none. Their rush defense is questionable but Sproles and Ingram, aren’t backs that can win you the ball game. If the Seahawks offense comes to play they’ll probably beat the Saints in a lower scoring affair. 

Score: 21-10 Seahawks win

49ers: 23 Packers: 20

The biting cold of the Midwest made this game pretty boring. Quick throws. Lots of defense. Power rushing. Yawn. I will say Eddie Lacy has had a fantastic rookie season. He looks a lot like Marshawn Lynch out there. Kaepernick ran all over the Packers per usual. He is their kryptonite. They can’t stop him. This bodes well for everyone else in the NFC because Kaepernick is probably the weakest point of the 49ers. He is still young and doesn’t have the poise to carry the team through the air. The Panthers also have a lackluster passing attack and strong defense. I think this game comes down to a field goal. 

Score: 23-20 49ers win. 




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