Guy Eats Only McDonalds for 3 Months and Loses 37 lbs. Shocker.



Teacher Loses 37 Pounds After Three-Month McDonald’s Diet

“Cisna [the man who lost the weight] enlisted his students to help him plan out a 2,000-calorie daily diet plan consisting only of food sold by the fast food giant. They also tried not to exceed recommended allowances of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fat calories and cholesterol.”

You mean to tell me that if you eat a 2,000 calorie diet and avoid eating too much fat and cholesterol you’ll lose weight, even if you eat only McDonalds? Get the fuck out. Is this honestly surprising? He ate egg whites, oatmeal and 1% milk for breakfast and salads for lunch. Do people think McDonalds is just laced with poison or something? Of course that diet would lead to you losing weight, no one is arguing that. The dude also walked 45 minutes a day. We already had a guy lose weight eating only twinkies and shit by keeping it under 2000 calories. 

Not really sure why this is a story. Everyone gets it. If you make bad decisions you gain weight. You can make it seem more complex if you want by throwing in words like metabolism, big boned and empty calories but facts are facts are facts. Eat too much gain weight. Eat less lose weight. 


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