Snapchat Got Hacked. 4.6 Million Usernames Leaked. Yawn.


“What if somebody hacks my Snapchat account and sends out gross pictures that automatically delete themselves?!?” Who cares? I fail to see the repercussions from this. Yes I have a snapchat. No my username was not compromised, but if it was I wouldn’t do anything differently. I could give two shits if I had to get rid of my Snapchat. Beyond this, I fail to see how having a huge list of phone numbers is useful to anyone. If you’re trying to scam people they already have autodialers. It’s not like Snapchat has financial information and I don’t just randomly send out faux dick pics to people so I think I’m in the clear. 

Also fuck the hacker group who did this. You did it to “raise awareness”? Bullshit. You did it because you could. It’s probably going to come out that the founder who is suing Snapchat is behind the hack. You watch. This was all a publicity stunt by a scorned friend. Snapchat probably regrets not selling out to Facebook now. $3 billion is a lot better than zero, which is what you’ll get now. 

I’m changing my guess. I bet Facebook hacked it to get them to sell. Zuckerberg tried to play nice but Snapchat wouldn’t have it so now he has to play hardball. Hacking your users personal information. Posting it on the internet so he can publicly humiliate you. Zuckerberg used to be the victim now he’s the bully. How the tables have turned.


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