Walmart in China Coming Under Fire for Having Fox Meat in Their Donkey Meat….


People wonder why Wal-Mart gets a bad wrap all the time. Why everyone is always up their ass about paying their employees and shit. This is exactly fucking why. When you have meat that gets rejected by FUCKING CHINA, you have a serious problem. SERIOUS. China is the same country that has government propaganda on why the deadly, deadly, smog that chokes their cities is beneficial to China. Wal-Mart has set a new low for American companies. Its like in a movie when someone is blackout drunk, rolling around naked, in a puddle of their own puke, in the middle of their living room with a beer bottle in their ass. That’s where Wal-Mart is right now.

HOW DO YOU GET FOX MEAT IN YOUR DONKEY MEAT!?!? That statement right there leads to even more questions. Is donkey meat good? Who eats donkey? I always thought donkey ranked below tongue on the meat scale. But the main question is why was there fox meat in the donkey meat? Is it cheaper? Can’t be right? Foxes are too cool and protected or whatever for their meat to be cheap. So this means a fox and probably more than 1 just fell into your meat processing machinery. I’m so confused. Does anyone even inspect donkey meat in the US?

Right now I just have an image of the sarlacc pit from Star Wars. Just a hole with some gross ass tentacles that Wal-Mart just shoves shit down and labels as donkey meat after its down there for a while. Thanks for ruining donkey meat for me Wal-Mart. Hadn’t even tried it yet.

P.S. If you don’t know what the sarlacc pit is go and watch all the Star Wars movies right now. You can skip Phantom Menace if you want. Jar-Jar Binks is possibly the worst character of all time.


2 thoughts on “Walmart in China Coming Under Fire for Having Fox Meat in Their Donkey Meat….

  1. Scott B says:

    The contamination happens the same way all meat contamination can happen..

    Rarely is it a “we hare hiding the good meat with bad meat” it could be, the slicer wasnt cleaned properly when the previous meat was finished…

  2. And there was fox meat on the slicer beforehand because……..

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